Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Just Coffee

Notice me you cute little shit! I think before ordering my coffee. I take a glance at the corner even though I know he’s still there.
I grab my cuppa and sit down at my normal table pulling out my laptop, going through the motions to start my homework because my brain is in shambles.
I exasperatedly whisper to myself, “What do I even do?” I notice a shadow fall over my computer.
“You could start by saying hi?”
Startled, I close my laptop. Why the hell did I just? “Oh hi,” I say tentatively, “I’m Caroline.”
“I’m Mark,” he sits down. “What were you doing?” he asks and points at my closed laptop.
“I was just starting on an assignment for one of my classes.” I am suddenly hyper aware of every one of my movements, so I put my hands around my coffee cup to appear less awkward, “and you?” I remove one hand from the cup to point at his things still at the other table.
“Nothing terribly exciting” he says, then taking a sip of his coffee.
“I should probably get back to work” I wrench my hands off of my coffee and open my laptop, giving them something to do.
“See you next week?”
“Of course”

I walk in the door and look over to his table, as always. He’s not there. I frantically glance around as I walk up to the cashier. He’s sitting at my table today.

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