Friday, 28 September 2012

On The Way There

the boat ride
up, down, up, down
that feeling in your stomach
when you feel like falling

sunglasses on
the sun gleaming off the water
makes it shiny

an 's' shape takes us
into the bay
the land and water
becoming all the more familiar

we get closer
more and more excited
the boat slows
and we know its mere minutes

nothing ever really changes
but maybe that's the best part

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


It’s possible I was going slightly insane
The heat, the hill, the island
All possible contributions
To this ridiculous mental state

Now that I’m home
I don’t know what to think.
Is this just part of ‘the rule’?
Or is it just another exception?

‘The Rule’.
5 to start, 9 in the middle, 3 to end,
We rate you.
It rarely fails me.

I think it has for the second time ever.
I sit here with butterflies in my stomach
While glancing over to make sure
You’re real

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Scoop Me Up

I wish we fell asleep.
The lights had been turned out
But our paranoia of being seen laying on the couch
Prevented us from doing so.

My self deprecation is lessened by your laughter
until I remember I’m not photogenic and I feel
like I should’ve smashed your phone for that picture

I still wanted you to scoop me up, however.
Naturally, I assumed I’d live through.
I deserved to know one thing: ‘did you know.’

Looking up at the stars hoping that the shattered trust
wont be outweighed by the chemistry I believe we have.
The forgiveness I want, isn’t going to happen, is it?

This goddamn circumstance.
I’m convinced she is jealous,
but I must contemplate the truth.

assignment: come up with a constraint, create a poem. 
my constraint: pick 5 songs, take 5 words from each song, and incorporate those words into the poem
i used words from the songs on Julia Nunes' I Think You Know EP

Friday, 7 September 2012

I Remember

I remember when our Counselor, Crystal, said to our cabin "poopy serious", her phrase for having a serious talk. we thought we were in trouble, but instead she took us down to the dock and we hung out there before going to bed.

I remember watching Kristi break her ankle. i was on the upstairs tumble track.

I remember joking about Reindeer right before i broke my own ankle.

I remember that it was Thanksgiving Sunday and my dad had to make all of the dinner. We didnt eat until 8pm, when i got home with a plaster cast on my foot.

I remember what the gym looked like when i went to Calgary.

I remember the first video I watched that got me hooked on the vlogbrothers. it was 'people who love giraffes who love giraffes'. I though John was funny.

I remember watching the Quest videos in theme sessions one year at Camp.

I remember when I switched from cabin 14 to cabin 13.

I remember my dad letting me help him vacuum. I got to do under the couch cushions.

I remember the playground at Kilarney Center. The red slide was my favourite.

I remember the saying my 8th grade socials teacher had, "you can only use the word 'almost' in horseshoes, and hand grenades."

(i am again in a creative writing course, so i'll be posting more stuff YAY!
the above work is an activity we did in class based on Joe Brainards book I Remember, a book that i happened to read for a different english course last semester. the book is written only in I Remember statements, and my prof had us do the exercise as a way to introduce ourselves)