Friday, 7 September 2012

I Remember

I remember when our Counselor, Crystal, said to our cabin "poopy serious", her phrase for having a serious talk. we thought we were in trouble, but instead she took us down to the dock and we hung out there before going to bed.

I remember watching Kristi break her ankle. i was on the upstairs tumble track.

I remember joking about Reindeer right before i broke my own ankle.

I remember that it was Thanksgiving Sunday and my dad had to make all of the dinner. We didnt eat until 8pm, when i got home with a plaster cast on my foot.

I remember what the gym looked like when i went to Calgary.

I remember the first video I watched that got me hooked on the vlogbrothers. it was 'people who love giraffes who love giraffes'. I though John was funny.

I remember watching the Quest videos in theme sessions one year at Camp.

I remember when I switched from cabin 14 to cabin 13.

I remember my dad letting me help him vacuum. I got to do under the couch cushions.

I remember the playground at Kilarney Center. The red slide was my favourite.

I remember the saying my 8th grade socials teacher had, "you can only use the word 'almost' in horseshoes, and hand grenades."

(i am again in a creative writing course, so i'll be posting more stuff YAY!
the above work is an activity we did in class based on Joe Brainards book I Remember, a book that i happened to read for a different english course last semester. the book is written only in I Remember statements, and my prof had us do the exercise as a way to introduce ourselves)

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