Thursday, 20 September 2012

Scoop Me Up

I wish we fell asleep.
The lights had been turned out
But our paranoia of being seen laying on the couch
Prevented us from doing so.

My self deprecation is lessened by your laughter
until I remember I’m not photogenic and I feel
like I should’ve smashed your phone for that picture

I still wanted you to scoop me up, however.
Naturally, I assumed I’d live through.
I deserved to know one thing: ‘did you know.’

Looking up at the stars hoping that the shattered trust
wont be outweighed by the chemistry I believe we have.
The forgiveness I want, isn’t going to happen, is it?

This goddamn circumstance.
I’m convinced she is jealous,
but I must contemplate the truth.

assignment: come up with a constraint, create a poem. 
my constraint: pick 5 songs, take 5 words from each song, and incorporate those words into the poem
i used words from the songs on Julia Nunes' I Think You Know EP

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